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Landscape Update: May 17, 2013

Lyman Pond Restoration Project

Lyman Pond before restoration.
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Lyman Pond June 2012

Since the last dredging the Lyman Pond had diminished in size by roughly two thirds due to siltation and invasive exotic plants had taken over the banks.

Scapes Builders and Excavation were awarded the contract to restore the pond. Before the work began in the fall of 2012, the pond was drained, the iconic great blue heron sculpture by Elliot Offner was removed to the Museum for safekeeping and all wildlife was re-located.

An underground pipe was installed to bring a continuous supply of fresh ground water from upper campus to the pond.

Work was suspended over the winter and began again in the spring of 2013.

All non-native plants were removed. New walkways (including one that is ADA compliant) to the pond were constructed. Two new features; a viewing platform and a turtle basking rock were added. Native plant species were installed on the banks of the pond.

The portion of the Ruth Brown Richardson Perennial Border that was removed to allow access to the pond was re-planted and the iron fence replaced.

The week before Commencement, the heron sculpture was returned to its original spot, the new water supply was turned on and the pond began to fill. Frogs were spotted basking on the banks as soon as the water level started to rise. Weeks later the pond is teeming with tadpoles and a few young snapping turtles have moved in.

Lyman Pond after restoration.
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Lyman Pond Spring 2013

The project was completed in time for Commencement and Reunion 2013.



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