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Landscape Update: April 28, 2011

Tree Removals at Northrup and Gillette

In conjunction with the extensive renovations of Northrup and Gilette, three trees will be removed. In the front corner of the building facing Elm Street is a small elm of unknown background, which likely arose as a volunteer seedling within the hedge area some time ago. The trunk shows signs of canker, a disease. The tree will be replaced with a more appropriately sized, properly identified tree of higher quality from the Botanic Garden nursery.

Behind the building are two lindens. One was already scheduled to come down because the central main leader is dead and the tree has become a hazard tree. The other will be removed partly because it is likely to be damaged by new underground utility work and because symmetry of the formal landscape will be impacted if only one remains. Both trees will be replaced by more formal species that will restore symmetry and be more appropriate for the period of architecture.

Tree removals will take place May 10 or 11. The replanting will either occur this fall or spring 2012, depending on the availability of the chosen tree and its preference for a particular transplant season.

As per the campus landscape master plan, the deciduous privet hedge lining the sidewalk will be replaced by historic design iron fencing to open the view.

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