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Fun Activities
The Lyman Conservatory: A Student Guide
With this booklet you can explore the greenhouses and discover all kinds of weird and neat plants that are from different places around the world.
Plant Adaptation: Young Botanists Workbook
Explore the exhibition: Plant Adaptation Up Close at the Botanic Garden of Smith College using this booklet, which you can print out.

All About Chocolate: Just for Kids

Heller Nature Center: Kids' Corner
This site has activities for kids of all ages. These include instructions on how to build a bird feeder, backyard scavenger hunts, songs, and printable coloring sheets.

National Geographic Kids: Explore the Fantastic Forest
An interactive site that allows you to explore various habitats and the plants and animals that live in them.

Michigan State's Children's Garden

Just For Kids
This is the children's section of the Aggie Horticulture site run by Texas A&M University. It provides many activity ideas including starting a school garden and composting.


Learn more about Plants

Backyard Plants
This link provides lots of information about what makes up a plant and how all plants relate to one another.

University of Illinois: The Great Plant Escape

Why do leaves change color in the fall?