I find some rather remarkable similarities between what I do as a professor and experimental physicist, where I explore nature near the absolute zero of temperature and teach people< about physics and its relevance to their lives, and what I do as a photographer, where I am interested in landscape, smaller scale details and abstraction. To be successful in these endeavors I have to be inspired and challenged. Inspiration often leads to an idea , e.g., the design of an experiment, a new approach to scientific presentation, or the composition of a photograph.


Then, the successful execution of the idea through to a conclusion requires very careful attention to details and true mastery of craft. The result from the research lab is a discovery that advances knowledge. The result from the darkroom is an image that, when carefully observed, moves the viewer to a new awareness. And, the result in teaching or presentation educates and inspires with clarity of expression. Examples of my photography can be found at and of my physics experience,