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Student Botanical Interpretations
March 5 - September 30, 2011

Experiencing Plants through Art: Original work by Smith College students and Holyoke Homework House students.

Ceilidh Galloway-Kane ’11 taught J-term Smith College students and fifth through eighth graders from Homework House in Holyoke. The classes focused on the importance of plants in everyday life. Students engaged in a variety of activities and spent time looking closely at plants. They studied plants that were unfamiliar to them and experimented with materials they hadn’t used before. The results are everything from ferocious paper maché Venus flytraps to beautiful begonia watercolors. This show encompasses how we all perceive our surroundings differently. See Exhibit


Photomicroscopy of Conservatory Microbes: Projects by students in Laboratory for Microbial Diversity

All around us a world of diverse microbial life abounds. Students in BIO 371 learned techniques for collecting, culturing, identifying, analyzing and photographing organisms. They used a variety of microscopy techniques to document the beauty of the diverse microorganisms that they found in different environments in the Lyman Conservatory. These included pitcher plant traps (where prey is caught), the “cups” of bromeliads (formed by the rosette of overlapping leaves), and root and leaf surfaces.
See exhibit


Kindergartners’ View of the Spring Bulb Show:
Artwork by students at the Smith College Campus School

During the course of a semester long investigation of leaves, the Campus School kindergartners also visited the Spring Bulb Show at the Lyman Conservatory. This exhibit showcases a sampling of the kindergartners’ artwork inspired by their close observation of the floral display at the Bulb Show. See exhibit

Daffodil model
Botanical Architecture
Projects by students taking Introduction to Architecture: Language and Craft
April 28 - September 30, 2011

Students in ARS 285 reinterpreted the spatial language flowers by examining and researching underlying principles of plant form. Students photographed a flower and analyzed its spatial character in terms of certain organizational principles. They then built models to abstractly re-present the flower according to this visual “language.” These forms were then used in the design of a pavilion. On display are the photos, models, and pavilion designs. See exhibit

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