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The view from the hilltop pavilion to the mountains beyond. A part of the little pavilion may be seen to the left. Prince Yi Estate, Korea.

The city of Benares in India lies along the bank of the great Ganges, and many thousands of pilgrims come yearly to worship at the many temples that crowd its banks. This picture was taken just after sunrise, when the devout come down to bathe.

A typical view in the Tai Mountains in China, looking down Dragon Gorge.

One of the courts in the temple at Tan Sheh Ssu, "The Monastery of the Oak Pool," showing two of the horse-chestnuts in bloom. In the background may be seen the branches of one of the huge ginkos growing in another court. One of these is so large it takes nine people to touch finger-tips around it at the base. Western Hills, Peking, China.

A rockery in the process of construction, showing the careful placing of the rocks. China.

A walk in the Da garden in Tsinanfu, China. Here the pattern is laid out in bricks, and the background is filled in with small pebbles.

Photographs and captions by Elizabeth K. Roys