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Diwan-i-Am, or Hall of Public Audience, built of red sandstone. Palace at Delhi, India..

Another river bank scene in front of some temple buildings in Benares, India, where people and the sacred cows wander about together, and the conditions are deplorable. The two great trees are Ficus religiosa, frequently found in or around temple grounds.

The approach to the Miyajima temple from the land or back side. Here one sees the entrance Torii, made of wood, and the many stone lanterns offered by grateful or supplicating patrons. There are many more of these, lining the shore. Japan .

Iyeyasu temple at Nikko. This is the last court of all, and by far the most magnificent. The Torii leading to it is decorated with the Iyeyasu crest, much like a three-leaved clover. Huge old cryptomeria trees give shade. The buildings are very beautifully decorated in color. Japan.

The arched stone bridge that leads across the outlet of ponds to the temple garden, in Miyajima, Japan. This picture was taken in cherry-blossom time and shows some of the flower-laden trees that add so much to the beauty of the place.

The impressive street entrance to the Awata Palace in Tokyo, Japan, one of the show places. Here we see the rather low stone wall, surmounted by a tile coping. The heavy doors are of cryptomeria wood.

Photographs and captions by Elizabeth K. Roys