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One of the side doors leading into the central court showing an interesting use of stupa shape as decoration. This is made of carved brick and plaster, and whitewashed. Temple at Lampoon, Siam.

An avenue of palms for which the Botanical Garden in Calcutta, India is justly famous.

The moss and lichen-covered rock at the Place of Meditation showing the benches and the raised floor of the old Pavilion. Huge old pines surround this place and it has a delightful vista off across to the mountains. Prince Yi Estate, Korea.

It is small wonder that this temple at Chiengmai, Siam is often thought of as the Dragon Temple, for that animal is constantly recurring in the decorations. Here we have the entrance to one of the smaller chapels, and the entrance is flanked by dragons on each side..

A Courtyard in the temple of Chi Tai Tzu, showing the carefully swept court, with the flagging laid in patterns, and the trees set off in little squares. The tree in the center is a magnificent speciment of a white pine, Pinus bungeana, for which this section of the country is famous. Western Hills, Peking, China.

The entrance gateway to a private home in Nanking, China.

Photographs and captions by Elizabeth K. Roys