Summer Internship at the Smithsonian

The Botanic Garden offers Smith Students an internship opportunity at the National Museum of Natural History, part of the Smithsonian Institution, under the supervision of Dr. W. John Kress, chair of the Botany Department. Projects may include working on computer plant identification systems, the ecological and evolutionary relationships between heliconias and hummingbirds, DNA barcoding projects, and other research. The internship involves field, lab, and herbarium work.

This internship is made possible by generous donations from Deanna Bates.

The Application Process:

Deadline for submitting applications is February 15, 2018.

Students must submit the following. 

Smithsonian Internship Application Form
Email the following to Madelaine Zadik:
1.  A concise letter of intent, up to two pages in length (one page is fine), describing how the research experience at the Smithsonian will benefit you and fit with your career plans.
2. A standard scientific resume including a detailed summary of the following:
       a. list of relevant courses taken in biology, chemistry, biochemistry
       b. list of laboratory skills learned in various courses
3. A transcript of your coursework (bannerweb printout is fine)

At least two faculty references to back up the above information (emailed directly to Madelaine Zadik)

For more information contact:
Madelaine Zadik
Manager of Education and Outreach 


What I learned during my time at the Smithsonian will be invaluable in whatever branch of botany my career takes me.


Elizabeth Strohbeck, Class of 2017