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Volunteer News
spacerBy Madelaine Zadik

    During the 1997-98 academic year, volunteers once again contributed a tremendous amount of energy to the Botanic Garden. We rely heavily on their participation and offer our deepest thanks. The volunteers enable us to accomplish so much, and we are proud to have such a wonderful group associated with the Garden.
    Volunteers worked on our Site Index Seminum, filling over 150 seed orders from other botanic gardens around the world. Don't even ask how many seeds that might be! If you have come to the Bulb or Chrysanthemum Shows, Illumination Night, or other events, you've seen the volunteers serving as hosts and greeting you with smiling faces in the Conservatory. They offer a wealth of knowledge about the Conservatory and we are particularly indebted to the volunteer tour guides for the hours they devote to leading groups through the Conservatory and outdoor gardens. Over 2,400 children and adults received tours from our enthusiastic group this year. The response from teachers and students is always appreciative. Another important project in which we have engaged the volunteers is the counting and surveying of visitors to the Conservatory-no small task (see some of the statistics on page 15).

  spacer   We sincerely appreciate the efforts of the following volunteers this past year
Linda Andermann
Anne Beach
Hut Beall
Diane Birkel
Janet S. Bissell
Diane Bowman
Deb Brown
Eleanor Brown
Anne Cann
Robert Carey
Addison Cate
Betty Conway
D. Elizabeth Cunningham
Jean Duncan
Lisa Ferree
Stephen Fleury
plant    The plant sale is another event for which we rely
on volunteers. The group will be gearing up for the sale coming in May 1999. Much planning and preparation takes place and volunteers will be working closely with Rob Nicholson in getting everything ready. We are also preparing for our annual volunteer training session, which will be held January 20-22, 1999.
    If you are interested in joining this active and exciting group, or if you belong to a group that is interested in going on a tour with one of our guides, please call us at 585-7580. decoration 
Ellice Gonzalez
Mina M. Harrison
Freda Houpt
Cheryl Jones
Anne Keppler
Joyce Ketcham
Dianne Klenotic
Joyce Kras
Carolyn Lawry
Education Programs
spacerBy Madelaine Zadik
    The Botanic Garden is now into its third year of funding from the Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust. This third year enables us to refine our very successful education outreach programming while moving into long-range planning.
    Our efforts are now focused on the development of an Educational Master Plan, one of three phases of our overall master planning for the Botanic Garden. Through this comprehensive planning process we will clarify our goals and priorities, and explore and evaluate program ideas. We aim to ensure the highest quality programming in support of the Botanic Garden's mission.
    The Botanic Garden is a hub of activity and in order to plan properly we need to better understand the ways the facilities are used by our various constituents. To that end, we are documenting the academic support we provide to the College community as well as the public visitation to the Conservatory. Will you help us in this effort and please fill out and return the enclosed questionnaire? Your input is important to us. Thank you. decoration
Frances Lewis
Susette Lyons
Sigi Marrocco
Irene Montague
Louis Musante
Fran Nichols
Dee Dee Niswonger
Connie Parks
Carol V. Paul
Virginia Rechtschaffen
Samantha Rothman
Loretta Selgelid
Robin Silva
Barbara Smith
Diana Souza
Ginny Sullivan
Elizabeth Terp
Claudia Zimmerman
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