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Botanic Garden News
is published by the
Friends of the Botanic Garden
of Smith College
twice a year.

The Botanic Garden of Smith College
Northampton, Massachusetts 01063

Interim Administrative Director & Conservatory Manager
Gardens Supervisor
Administrative Asst.
Interim Assistant Director
Interim Curatorial Asst.
Greenhouse Technicians
Arboretum Staff
Rob Nicholson
William Belden
Maryjane Beach
Madelaine Zadik
Lissa Harris
Susan Schaffner
Steve Sojkowski
Tracey Warton
Jeff Rankin
Boris Basora
Manuel Santos
John Berryhill
Dave Culver
Tom Gingras
Friends of the Botanic Garden of Smith College Advisory Committee:

Noriko Sato '88, Co-Chair
Rebecca D. Truelove '91, Co-Chair
Lisa Morrison Baird '76
Sarah Szold Boasberg '58
Sarah K. Chase '90
Paula V. Cortes '70
Alex Metaksa Daugherty '86
Nancy Watkins Denig '68
Sydney Webber Eddison '54
Lynden Miller '60
Pamela Sheeley Niner '63
Cornelia Hahn Oberlander '44
Constance Parks '83
Catha Grace Rambusch '58
Shavaun Towers '71

Ex Officio:
Ruth J. Simmons,
      President of Smith College
Susan Komroff Cohen '62
Paula Deitz '59

Botanic Garden News
Editor:  Madelaine Zadik
Editorial Assistants:  Constance Parks
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spacer Landscape Master Plan Update, by Kim Tripp
   There are numerous garden projects associated with the Landscape Master Plan, some in progress as I write, some planned for the near future, and others requiring capital funding that fit into a 20 year planning horizon. In 1999, the Botanic Garden staff will be working closely with Shavaun Towers, our campus landscape architect, on these ongoing garden projects:
  • Completion of the Edith Bramwell Reilly Hand Wildflower Garden in its new woodland site below the Presidentís House.
  • Renovation of the Alice Orme Smith Rhododendron garden in its existing site (adjacent to the new site for the Wildflower Garden).
  • Completion of phase II of the groundcover plantings in the new Lanning Fountain landscape.
  • Renewal of the groundcover plantings in beds around and adjacent to College, Lilly, Pierce, and Seelye halls.
  • Maintenance and rejuvenation of the arboretum collections.
  • Monitoring, treatment, and, where necessary, removal of woolly adelgid infested hemlock trees.
  • Planning for renovation of the walks and plantings throughout the Green Street corridor.
(For more details about some of these projects see Campus News on page 7.)

    In addition, it is already time for the Landscape Master Plan
to be given an update by its authors. Work on this has already begun. When planning upcoming building projects, particular attention will be paid to the impact on gardens, renovation of walkways, and long range planning for major landscape

Interim Administration

Petunia    The search for a new Director of the Botanic Garden is already well under way. During the interim period, Rob Nicholson, our Conservatory Manager, will double as Interim Administrative Director. Madelaine Zadik, our Education Coordinator, has been hired full-time to fill in as Interim Assistant Director and to teach the Horticulture class.
Lissa Harris will continue in her role as Curatorial Assistant.


   In the last issue of Botanic Garden News we inadvertently omitted Sandra-Leigh Sprecker as an Individual Contributor to the Friends of the Botanic Garden. Our apologies. decoration

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