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Capen Garden
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Capen Garden is designed as a series of outdoor garden rooms. The largest is bisected by a rustic pergola supporting old varieties of climbing roses. Download a brochure.

In 2004-2005 the garden was renovated and redesigned.

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Article about Capen Renovation
Article in Spring 2006 Newsletter about the new plantings at Capen
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Article in Spring 2001 Newsletter about the History of Capen Garden Adjacent to the pergola, the Carol Brown Knot Garden re-creates a medieval tradition with intricate patterns of low-growing boxwood and barberry.
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A walk through the pergola leads into a garden room with hardy perennials and then to a formal garden with a gazebo honoring Jill Ker Conway, the college's first woman president, at its center. The gazebo is surrounded by beds planted seasonally, first in tulips and then, in summer, with annuals.

Capen Garden is also used extensively as an outdoor laboratory by the Horticulture students who plant all the bulbs for the spring display.
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