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Phase I, Program and Analysis

Phase I of the Landscape Master Plan of Smith College, or the Program and Analysis, involved elucidation of the mission, uncovering of history (including an 1892 plan for the campus by Frederick Law Olmsted), extensive site analysis (and functional analysis), and surveys of those who use the campus. The historic purposes and use patterns of the campus were compared to current purposes and use patterns. Interviews revealed what we love (and hate) about the campus, other problems, and suggestions. Three primary concepts emerged:

  • The campus is a historic landscape;
  • The campus is a multiuse environment serving a diverse constituency;
  • The campus is an academic landscape.

Phase II, Program Development

Phase II of the Landscape Master Plan of Smith College, or Program Development, began development of recommendations that became the Landscape Master Plan or Final Program. It provided a broad outline of what should be happening in anticipation of future needs of and demands on the campus.

Phase III, Completed Plan (Final Program)

Phase III of the Landscape Master Plan of Smith College, also known as the Final Program or Complete Plan, contains a set of recommendations to guide future development of the campus. Projects implemented from the Landscape Master Plan include reconfiguration of walkways adjacent to Lyman Conservatory to improve aesthetics, safety, and drainage. The Plan called for a renovation of the Lanning Fountain area, and its gardens, and construction of a new plaza, which visually reconnects the Conservatory to Burton Lawn and the rest of lower campus, as well as provides a new gathering and resting place. Additionally, we redesigned the Woodland Garden integrating the new location for the Edith Branwell Reilly Hand Wildflower Garden (displaced by the parking garage) and new planting plans for the Alice Orme Smith Rhododendron Garden.

With a strong commitment to the Final Program, the beautiful and enduring Smith College Landscape will continue to be a treasured resource and an integral part of the college's educational mission for the next hundred years.

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Last updated on Thursday, May 12, 2005.