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Display collections: The display collections, including a large number of orchids, are the core of the conservatory's collections. These plants are grown to demonstrate botanical, taxonomic, or ecological principles, or because of their outstanding ornamental attributes.

Research collections: The research collections are assembled for professorial, graduate, and undergraduate research, as well as outside collaborations with medical, pharmaceutical, and biotech companies. Since the early 1990s we have collaborated with a phytopharmaceutical firm that specializes in cell culturing Taxus species for the production of the anticancer agent taxol.

Conservation collections: With an increasing number of plant species becoming threatened by overpopulation and development, botanical gardens are devoting more of their resources to species preservation and rescue. Our staff is actively involved with the propagation and distribution of rare and endangered plants, particularly conifers.
Rob Nicholson with spring flowers

Traditional Shows:

The conservatory mounts two special shows each year.

The Spring Bulb Show is an explosion of color and floral life presented in early March, when the long winter is beginning to fray the nerves of all New England residents. Over 1,000 pots of bulbs are forced along with woody plants to create a spring garden under glass.

The Fall Chrysanthemum Show displays chrysanthemums trained in traditional Japanese styles. Many of the mums are hybrids created by Smith Horticulture students. The public is invited to vote on each year's new crop of hybrids.

Spring Bulb Show  Fall Mum Show

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