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Fast Track Express to Success

Updated 7/8/20

WANT to join the ranks of Smith students (approaching 350 since 2002) who have been offered the spectacular Fulbright Fellowship?

Jump on the Fast Track to Success Express!
It's as easy as 1-2-3. . .

Through these three steps, you'll get up and running quickly:

Step 1:

Read the information on our Fulbright Enquiry Level starting at www.smith.edu/fulbright/intro.php

Step 2:

Complete our Fulbright Enquiry Form at www.smith.edu/fulbright/questions.php

Step 3:

Margaret Lamb, Director of our Fulbright Program, will respond to you once you've submitted your Enquiry Form!



Start planning early. You can begin preparing for your Fulbright as early as your first year at Smith. The sooner you begin working toward your dream Fulbright Fellowship, the more likely you’ll win it. We help you envision and shape your life-enhancing dream.

Inform yourself. Find out as much as you can about Fulbright Fellowships and the application process by reading the information on the Smith Fulbright website (even if you are just pondering the notion). Get started now at www.smith.edu/fulbright/intro.php

Talk to Margaret Lamb. Don is the seasoned Director of Smith’s champion Fulbright Program. He can answer your fellowships questions and help you develop a personalized plan to work toward the Fulbright of your dreams. Grab this opportunity of a lifetime. Email him today, don’t delay: fulbright@smith.edu

Seek wider advice. Smith is a leading institution for producing Fulbright Fellows. There are many on campus who can help and guide you. Talk to professors, and to Smith alums who’ve conducted Fulbright Fellowships, to learn the best strategies to prepare yourself to apply—and win this hugely prestigious and generous fellowship that opens doors to a fruitful and fulfilling future.

Your studies come first. Fulbright projects are extensions of your academic successes, especially research or student teaching. Smith students who are U.S. citizens are eligible to be considered. Community leadership ranks high too!

Consider studying abroad. Spending time abroad can be advantageous through broadening your experience and helping make regional contacts for Fulbright research projects. Spending junior year on campus? Take advantage of this focused opportunity to go deep into specialized research and or student teaching.

Build your confidence. Smith has one of the highest applicant success rates in the United States. Believe in yourself and in our dedicated faculty, staff and alumnae who are available to help you win this Fulbright Fellowship chance of a lifetime. You’ve got a marvelous team on your side rearing to go! But you are your own engine . . .

Don't get to the start of your Senior year and find yourself regretting when your friends are applying. Don't find yourself the one saying:

"Oh dear, I lost out, I left it too long! I missed the time when my chances for a fabulous Fulbright were strong!"

START EARLY! The sooner the better to seize the opportunity for you to live large through doing good for yourself and others. World peace!

Think Big. Think Ahead. Think Fulbright.