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Updated 1/29/2018

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Fulbright Fellowships
Congratulations to the 31 Smith College 2017-18 candidates for the 2018-19 Fulbright Fellowship for successfully completing applications, and thank you to the some-200 Smith faculty and staff members who supported them in producing about 750 pages of application materials. It is this rallying around our applicants that helps keep Smith the strongest Fulbright program among colleges in the nation:

The 2017-18 candidates applied to 25 countries. Of the 31 Fulbright applicants, 11 (about 35 percent) self-identified as minority candidates. The ever-increasing number of countries targeted by Smithies shows how our adventurous and trail-blazing students are eager to represent the United States across the globe.

The Fulbright cohort comprised 24 seniors and 7 alumnae. Among them, 10 applied to conduct research projects, 2 to pursue master’s degrees, 19 to teach English as a foreign language.

24 of our 31 applicants have been selected as semi-finalists. We wish them good luck in the final selection for awards that will be completed during the spring.

Other Prestigious Fellowship Applications and Results
Congratulations to the students who completed 17 applications for other prestigious awards. Congratulations to the two Smithies both named Marshall and Rhodes finalists and to the sophomore and junior awarded summer research fellowships in the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s EXROP Program.

It Takes a Community!
Appreciation is extended to faculty members who served as mentors, recommenders, language evaluators, consultants, and nominees. Thanks also to staff members who supported this campus-wide collaboration from various quarters including the Clark Science, Wurtele, Jacobson, Lazarus, and Lewis centers, the Registrar's, Class Deans, Disability, and Student Financial Services offices, plus IRB and ITS.

Past results are summarized here.