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Updated 11/4/16

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Congratulations to the 37 Smith College 2016-17 candidates for the 2017-18 Fulbright Fellowship, for successfully completing your applications, and thank you to the some 200 Smith faculty and staff members who supported them in producing about 1,000 pages of application materials.

These candidates have applied to 29 countries, with our first application to Nigeria. Of the 37 applicants, 17 (about 46 percent) self-identified as minority candidates. The ever-increasing number of countries targeted by Smithies shows how our adventurous and trail-blazing students are eager to represent the United States across the globe.

The cohort comprises 28 seniors, seven alumnae, one graduate student, and one research fellow. Among them, 18 applied to conduct research projects, five to pursue masters degrees, 13 to teach English as a second language, and one to pursue an art performance project (an alumna who uses a wheelchair, seeking to study mixed-ability dance in Uruguay).

Congratulations also to students who applied for other prestigious awards like the Marshall Scholarship and DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) Fellowships.

Appreciation is also extended to staff members who supported this campus-wide collaboration from various quarters including the Clark Science, Wurtele, Jacobson, Lazarus, and Lewis centers, the Registrar's, Class Deans, Disability, and Student Financial Services offices, plus IRB and ITS.

It is this rallying around our applicants that helps keep Smith the strongest Fulbright program in the nation:



1 CyberHealthGIS Research Experience for Undergraduates

4 German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
1 Gates Cambridge
1 Marshall
1 Rangel International Affairs
37 Fulbright


1 CyberHealthGIS Research Experience for Undergraduates

Jackie Byun '17
Texas A&M University
Recommender: Dominique Thiebaut



Isabella Casini '17
Study scholarship in Process Engineering
Mentor: Denise McKahn

Nicole DelRosso, Graduate Research Fellow
Research grant in Biotechnology
Mentor: Nathan Derr

Julia Whiting '15
Study scholarship in Public Policy
Mentor: Stacie Hagenbaugh

Monica Wilson '17
Study scholarship in Biology
Mentor: Laura Katz

1 Gates Cambridge

Jamie Cyr '16
Mentors: Rob Dorit, Stacie Hagenbaugh

1 Marshall

Joan Brunetta '17J
Master of Arts in Medieval Studies
University of York
Master of Arts in Medieval and Renaissance Studies
University College London
Mentor: Craig Davis
Recommenders: Jeffrey Ahlman, Craig Davis, Thalia Pandiri
Endorsement: Tom Bernard, Kathleen McCartney, Kate Queeney

1 Rangel International Affairs

Marichuy Gomez '14
Interview Preparation: Stacie Hagenbaugh

37 Fulbright

Aisha Amin '17
Netherlands: Film Studies
"The Potential for Documentary Film Utilizing Neurocinema to Create Social Change"
Mentor: Ellen Kaplan
Recommenders: Len Berkman, Mary Harrington, Ellen Kaplan
Consultants: Peter Sapiro, Alex Seggerman

Catherine Bradley '17
Spain: English Teaching Assistantship
Middle/High School
Mentor: Alan Rudnitsky
Recommenders: Carol Berner, Elizabeth Pryor, Alan Rudnitsky
Consultants: Carol Berner, Marisa Cheng '13, Daniel Gardner
Foreign Language Evaluator: Reyes Lázaro

Joan Brunetta '17J
Norway: English Teaching Assistantship
Mentor: Thalia Pandiri
Recommenders: Jeffrey Ahlman, Craig Davis, Thalia Pandiri
Consultants: Jeffrey Ahlman, Craig Davis
Foreign Language Evaluator: Erika Espey-Sundt

Jackie Byun '16
South Korea: Computer Science
"Connecting a Growing Population of Senior Citizens in South Korea to the Digital Age"
Mentor: Dominique Thiebaut
Recommenders: Tracy Hammond, Danielle Santos, Dominique Thiebaut
Consultants: Marisa Cheng '13, Suzanne Gottschang, Rocco Piccinino, Alex Seggerman
Foreign Language Evaluator: Hyunsook Shin

Nancy Cai '17J
Thailand: English Teaching Assistantship
Public school
Mentor: David Palmer
Recommenders: Yalin Chen, Sara Eddy, David Palmer
Consultants: Yalin Chen, Sara Eddy
Foreign Language Evaluator: Amy Wordelman

Elizabeth Carper '17
Singapore: Environmental Science
"Singapore as a Model for Potable and Freshwater Resiliency Strategies"
Mentor: Susan Sayre
Recommenders: Elliot Fratkin, Suk Massey, Dennis Yasutomo
Consultants: Marnie Anderson, Elliot Fratkin, Suk Massey, Greg White, Dennis Yasutomo

Isabella Casini '17
Germany: Engineering
"Improvement of Biogas Production from Anaerobic Digestion"
Mentor: Denise McKahn
Recommenders: Giovanna Bellesia, Niveen Ismail, Denise McKahn
Consultants: Niveen Ismail, Naila Moreira
Foreign Language Evaluator: Judith Keyler-Mayer

Mandy Castro '17
Indonesia: Biology
"Ecological Analysis for the Preservation of Vital Coral Reefs"
Mentor: L. David Smith
Recommenders: Laura Katz, Kate Queeney, L. David Smith
Consultants: Al Curran, Laura Katz, Kate Queeney, L. David Smith
Foreign Language Evaluator: Amy Wordelman

Marina Cheng '17
Japan: Computer Science
"Societal and Cultural Investigation of Computational Biology Research"
Mentor: Sara Mathieson
Recommenders: Nathan Derr, Nicholas R. Howe, Sara Mathieson
Consultants: Nancy Whittier, Dennis Yasutomo
Foreign Language Evaluator: Yuri Kumagai

Haley Crockett '15
Jamaica: Agriculture
"High Honey-Yielding Top-Bar Hives to Promote Affordable Beekeeping"
Mentor: Paul Wetzel
Recommenders: Zoe Burgess, Frazer Ward, Paul Wetzel
Consultants: Sara Pruss, Greg White

Eliza Cummings '17
Uganda: Economic Development
"Impact of Specialty Coffee Certifications on Agricultural Development"
Mentor: Kim Dionne
Recommenders: Kim Dionne, Howard Gold, Greg White
Consultants: Howard Gold, Greg White
Foreign Language Evaluator: Agnes Kimokoti

Claudia Deeg '17
Tanzania: Biology
"Enabling Sustainable Use of Zanzibar Coral Reefs for Tourism and Fishing"
Mentor: L. David Smith
Recommenders: Jesse Bellemare, Jack Loveless, Sara Pruss
Consultants: Al Curran, Jesse Bellemare, Jack Loveless, Agnes Kimokoti, Paulette Peckol, Marney Pratt, Sara Pruss, Sarah Tucker '13
Foreign Language Evaluator: Agnes Kimokoti

Nicole DelRosso, Graduate Research Fellow
Germany: Biology
"Powering a DNA-based Nanomachine to Understand and Manipulate the Inner Workings of Life"
Mentor: Nathan Derr
Recommenders: Nathan Derr, Robert Dorit, Sarah Hews
Consultants: Robert Dorit, Sarah Hews
Foreign Language Evaluator: Lisa Haegele

Sarah Emigh-Doyle '16
Bulgaria: English Teaching Assistantship
High School
Mentor: Fernando Armstrong-Fumero
Recommenders: Olla Al-Shalchi, Fernando Armstrong-Fumero, Judith Bradshaw Brown
Consultants: Olla Al-Shalchi, Grant Moss, Alex Seggerman
Foreign Language Evaluator: Elena Atanascheva

Ana Garcia '17
Chile: Chemistry
"Toward the Development of a Snail Slime-Polymer Biomaterial for Bone Tissue Regeneration"
Mentor: Cristina Suarez
Recommenders: Maren Buck, Travis Norsen, Cristina Suarez Consultants: Maren Buck, Betsie Jamieson
Foreign Language Evaluator: Alejandra Osorio

Anna George '17
France: Biology
"Preparing for Climate Change through Mapping Horticultural Plant Escape"
Mentor: Jesse Bellemare
Recommenders: Jesse Bellemare, Sharyn Goldstien, Virginia Hayssen
Consultants: Marisa Cheng '13, Virginia Hayssen, Leslie King, Hélène Visentin
Foreign Language Evaluator: Hélène Visentin

Dariana Guerrero '17
South Korea: English Teaching Assistantship
Middle/High School
Mentor: Lucy Mule
Recommenders: Louis Bernieri, William Oram, Pamela Petro
Consultants: William Oram, Pamela Petro, Nancy Whittier

Carina Ho '09
Uruguay: Dance
"Promoting Access to Dance for People with Disabilities through International Skill Sharing"
Mentor: Angie Hauser
Recommenders: Karen Pfeifer, Judith Smith, Lauren Taylor
Consultants: Lila Dodge '09
Foreign Language Evaluator: Melissa Belmonte

Asriyanti Karma '16
Indonesia: English Teaching Assistantship
High School
Mentor: Michelle Joffroy
Recommenders: Reid Bertone-Johnson, Dana Leibsohn, James Middlebrook
Foreign Language Evaluator: Sonya Condro Lukitosari

Sydney Keen '17
Taiwan: English Teaching Assistantship
Middle School
Mentor: William Oram
Recommenders: Jill de Villiers, William Oram, Lourdes Ortega
Consultants: Nalini Bhushan, Yalin Chen, Jill de Villiers, William Oram
Foreign Language Evaluator: Yalin Chen

Julia Kim '14J
South Korea: Political Science
"Growth of Democracy Through Sex Workers' Rights Debate"
Mentor: Dennis Yasutomo
Recommenders: Brent Durbin, Jina Kim, Dennis Yasutomo
Foreign Language Evaluator: Suk Massey

Zoe Kohler-Boland '17
Peru: Biology
"Effects of Pollutants on Lake Titicaca's Threatened Killifish and Fishing Communities"
Mentor: Lisa Mangiamele
Recommenders: Donald Baumer, Ibtissam Bouacherine, Lisa Mangiamele
Foreign Language Evaluator: Maria Estela Harretche

Natalie Kolber '17
Poland: Biology
"Novel Biomarkers to Accurately Diagnose Diabetic Complications Sooner"
Mentor: Stylianos Scordilis
Recommenders: Lou Ann Bierwert, Robert Merritt, Stylianos Scordilis
Foreign Language Evaluator: Malgorzata Zielinska-Pfabe

Susanna Lam '15
Iceland: Language and Literature
"Grasping the Cultural Context of Icelandic Language for Effective Translations"
Mentor: Craig Davis
Recommenders: Anna Andersen, Craig Davis, Marguerite Harrison
Consultant: Marguerite Harrison
Foreign Language Evaluator: Craig Davis

Quinn Lavigne '17
Malaysia: English Teaching Assistantship
Middle/High School
Mentor: Peter De Villiers
Recommenders: Peter de Villiers, Susan Etheredge, Katie Moore

Candy Lee '11
Taiwan: English Teaching Assistantship
Elementary School
Mentor: Samuel Intrator
Recommenders: Samuel Intrator, Victor Tam, Sujane Wu
Consultants: Debra Carney, Marisa Cheng '13, Julie Goshe '07, Lucy Mule, Kimberly Probolus '11, Alan Rudnitsky, Carmen Say '11, Sujane Wu
Foreign Language Evaluator: Sujane Wu

Sage Lillaheart '17
Brazil: Film Studies
"Brazilian Horror Film: Popular Genre Expanding Brazil's Film Industry"
Mentor: Marguerite Harrison
Recommenders: Craig Davis, Alexandra Keller, Bernadine Mellis
Consultants: Andrew Dausch, Craig Davis, Alexandra Keller, Bernadine Mellis, Malcolm McNee, William Oram, Andy Rotman, Alex Seggerman, Mihoko Suzuki, Joel Westerdale
Foreign Language Evaluator: Malcolm McNee

Maya McCann '17
Ecuador: Interdisciplinary Studies
"Girls in Soccer: Developing an Effective and Accessible Positive Youth Development Model"
Mentor: Alice Hearst
Recommenders: Alice Hearst, Naomi Miller, Chrstine Shelton
Consultants: Deb Carney, Kim Dionne, Christine Shelton
Foreign Language Evaluator: Nancy Sternbach

Esosa Osayamen '17
Nigeria: History
"The Benin Empire's Relationship to the Atlantic Slave Trade from a Local Perspective"
Mentor: Louis Wilson
Recommenders: Barbara Kellum, Albert Mosley, Louis Wilson
Consultants: Jerry Ahlman, Kevin Quashie, Andy Rotman

Samantha Page '17
Spain: English Teaching Assistantship
High School
Mentor: Kevin Rozario
Recommenders: Rosetta Cohen, Jessica Nicoll, Adam Rizzo
Consultants: Marisa Cheng '13, Christen Mucher, Jessica Nicoll, Frazer Ward
Foreign Language Evaluator: Ibtissam Bouachrine

Ayla Staelin-Lefsky '15
Jordan: English Teaching Assistantship
Secondary School
Mentor: Ernest Benz
Recommenders: Amanda Belden, Ernest Benz, Caitlin Turner
Consultants: Amanda Belden '07, Sergey Glebov
Foreign Language Evaluator: Mohamed Hassan

Sarah Tully '17
Slovakia: English Teaching Assistantship
Middle/High School
Mentor: Gillian Kendall
Recommenders: Peter de Villiers, Gillian Kendall, Barry Moser

Marta Vivanco '17
Denmark: International Relations
"Rainbow Politics: How Progressive LGBTQ Policies Benefit the National Economy"
Mentor: Carrie Baker
Recommenders: Keith Gumery, Maria Estela Harretche, Greg White
Foreign Language Evaluator: Rikke Mamsen

Megan Wancura '17
Singapore: Chemistry
"Developing Methods to Use the Peels of Local Fruits to Purify Scarce Water for Reuse"
Mentor: Kevin Shea
Recommenders: Maren Buck, Laura Katz, Kevin Shea
Consultants: Maren Buck, Betsie Jamieson

Cheryl Watts '17
Nepal: Geology
"The Effects of the 2015 Gorkha Earthquake on Groundwater Springs in Central Nepal"
Mentor: Greg White
Recommenders: Constance Kassor, Robert Newton, Beth Pratt-Sitaula
Foreign Language Evaluator: Aditi Aryal

Monica Wilson '17
Germany: Biology
"Biodiversity of Bacterian Symbionts in Protists"
Mentor: Laura Katz
Recommenders: Laura Katz, Joseph McVeigh, Joel Westerdale
Consultants: Marisa Cheng '13, Andy Rotman, Alex Seggerman, Joel Westerdale
Foreign Language Evaluator: Joseph McVeigh

Sarah Yan '17
Vietnam: English Teaching Assistantship
High School/University
Mentor: Brent Durbin
Recommenders: Marc Lendler, Brent Durbin, Yuh-Line Niou
Foreign Language Evaluator: Quynh Anh Giang