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Smith's long-established study abroad programs in Geneva and Paris attract about 30 students each year. Students live in university housing or with French-speaking families, attend classes with their French and European peers, and come back with near-native language skills and a real understanding of the culture. Majors find that this experience opens doors to careers in international relations, business, law, art and teaching.

Majors in French studies who spend the year in Paris or Geneva will normally meet certain of the requirements for the major during that year.

Students reflect on their experiences abroad

Smith in Paris

Advisers: Eglal Doss-Quinby (Fall), Martine Gantrel (Spring)

Faculty Directors
2016-17: Ibtissam Bouachrine, Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese

2015-16: Peter Bloom, Ross Professor of Humanities, Music (Fall), Martine Gantrel, Professor of French Studies (Spring)


2014-15: Christopher Golé, Professor of Mathematics & Statistics


2013-14: Peter Bloom, Ross Professor of Humanities, Music (Fall), Martine Gantrel, Professor of French Studies (Spring)


2012-13: Robert Dorit, Associate Professor of Biology


2011-12: Peter Bloom, Ross Professor of Humanities, Music (Fall), Hélène Visentin, Associate Professor of French Studies (Spring)


2010-11: Brigitte Buettner, Priscilla Paine Van der Poel Professor of Art History

French-speaking students live abroad for a full year in a French home. Students study at the Paris universities with Smith program courses offered by French professors, volunteering, interning and enjoying excursions and cultural activities in a select group of 25 students. Students are advised by a Smith faculty director and a Parisian associate director at the beautiful Reid Hall Smith Center in Montparnasse. More...


Students going on Smith Programs Abroad to Paris must meet the following requirements:

Les Sciences à Paris

Beginning in 2014-15: Les Sciences à Paris is a yearlong program designed explicitly to support students in the sciences, mathematics and engineering. Coursework, research opportunities, and tutoring are combined into a customized curriculum enabling science students to experience the rich scientific traditions of France, acquire competence in French, and experience the practice of science in an international context. Students with at least one year of college-level French or the equivalent are invited to apply.

Smith in Geneva

Adviser: Jonathan Gosnell

2014-present: Geneviève Piron

2013-14: Denise Rochat, Professor Emerita of French Studies


2012-13: Jonathan Gosnell, Associate Professor of French Studies


2011-12: Anna Botta, Professor of Italian Language & Literature and Comparative Literature


2010-11: Jonathan Gosnell, Associate Professor of French Studies

The program begins with a three-week orientation including intensive French language study, culture and history courses, and excursions. During the semester, students study in French and/or English and follow one of two tracks:

Track A (Geneva International Internship Semester)
Intern at an international organization for three to four days per week; study French; take the core Humanitarianism course and a Practicum course at the Smith Center; enroll in at least one university course. Available fall or spring. Requires 3.0 GPA. One year of college-level French required for fall. For spring, at least one semester of college-level French prior to the start of the program.

Track B (University Studies in French or English)
Enroll in four to five Smith Center and university courses each semester, including French language. Part-time internship optional. Available for the academic year for students with two years of college-level French or equivalent; and spring for students with at least one year of French or equivalent. Requires 3.0 GPA.