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The Major


Eglal Doss-Quinby, Dawn Fulton, Martine Gantrel, Jonathan Gosnell, Ann Leone, Mehammed Mack, Janie Vanpée and Hélène Visentin.


Ten 4-credit courses or the equivalent at the 200 level or above, including:

  1. The basis for the major in French Studies: FRN 230;
  2. One language course at the advanced level;
  3. One course on literature or culture before 1900;
  4. Three additional four-credit courses in French Studies at the 300 level or higher, of which two must be taken in the senior year.

In consultation with her major adviser, a student may count toward the major four four-credit courses in appropriate departments other than French studies; at least two of these four courses must be taught in French.

All students are encouraged to fulfill requirement #3. It will be in effect beginning with the class of 2020.

No more than one course counting toward the major may be taken for the grade of S/U. Students considering graduate school in the humanities are encouraged to take CLT 300 Literary Theory and Literary Practice: Conflicts and Consensus.


Learning Goals