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Francophone Residential Community


Faculty Liaison: Elsa Stéphan
Community Activities Coordinator: Celia Perez Lucet

Beginning in Fall 2014, there will be 12 spaces reserved on the 2nd floor of Cutter House for students who wish to live in a Francophone community on campus. With the support of the Department of French Studies, this community sponsors a rich cultural program throughout the year: a weekly French table, thematic teas, film screenings of recent French or Francophone films, lectures, field trips to exhibits or conferences on French art and culture, and excursions to Montréal or Québec.

All students interested in speaking French are welcome to apply to live in Cutter House.

An exchange student from Paris IV (Sorbonne) coordinates the cultural events, and a faculty liaison works closely with the residents of the Cutter House Francophone community and the Department of French Studies.