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Faculty & Staff

The department's faculty members include professors with research and teaching interests in French and Francophone literature and culture of all periods, as well as landscape studies, medieval studies, film studies, comparative literature and women's studies.

Eglal Doss-Quinby

Dawn Fulton

Martine Gantrel

Jonathan Gosnell

Ann Leone

Mehammed Mack
Assistant Professor

Christiane Métral

Carolyn Shread

Elsa Stéphan

Janie Vanpée

Hélène Visentin
Professor & Chair of the Department





Administrative Assistant

Jennifer Blackburn

Exchange Students

Celia Perez Lucet
Exchange student from Université Paris Sorbonne

Vera Martel
Exchange Student from Université Paris Diderot

Elsa Kamdem
Exchange student from Institut d'etudes politiques

Myriam Grelot
Exchange student from Université de Genève

Dana Madsen
Exchange student from Université de Genève


Scheduled Leaves of Absence for the Faculty

Martine Gantrel: Fall 2016


David Ball
Professor Emeritus

Mary Ellen Birkett
Professor Emerita

Marie-José Delage
Professor Emerita

Andrée Demay

Professor Emerita

Lawrence Joseph
Professor Emeritus

Josephine Ott
Professor Emerita

Denise Rochat
Professor Emerita

James Sacré
Doris Silbert Professor Emeritus in the Humanities, French Studies

Faculty in Related Fields

Ernest Benz
Associate Professor of History

Leonard Berkman
Anne Hesseltine Hoyt Professor of Theatre

Peter Bloom
Grace Jarcho Ross 1933 Professor of Humanities (Music)

Anna Botta
Professor of Italian Language & Literature and of Comparative Literature

Darcy Buerkle
Assistant Professor of History

Brigitte Buettner
Priscilla Paine Van der Poel Professor of Art History

Rick Fantasia
Professor of Sociology


Kiki Gounaridou
Professor of Theatre

Laura Kalba
Assistant Professor of Art

Sabina Knight
Associate Professor of Chinese and of Comparative Literature

John Moore
Professor of Art History

Gregory White
Professor of Government