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The intent of this plan is to assist the staff in responding to emergency situations, provide information to family members concerning emergency planning, and provide a basis for restoration of services. This plan contains emergency response information for the situations listed in the Table of Contents.

Facility Organization and Safety Routines
Emergency Notification


The Center for Early Childhood Education at Fort Hill could be subject to an emergency situation affecting the facility or as part of a larger scale event. The director and staff are responsible for the safety of the children and will coordinate actions and/or requirements with Smith College Public Safety officials, community officials, and parents/guardians.

The impact of an emergency on children can have lasting effects on their well being. Caregivers and families must manage the response to the emergency as well as help children cope with their feelings, fears, and needs during and after the emergency. Respecting children's feelings, and involving them where possible in recovery activities can reduce stress and anxiety.

This purpose of this plan is to assist the Fort Hill community in responding to emergency events.

Facility Organization and Safety Routines

The Smith College Center for Early Childhood Education at Fort Hill is a department of Smith College and provides early education and care for children from infancy through preschool for college employees and other members of the surrounding communities. The program serves approximately 75 children and includes 28 regular staff members; Smith College students particpate as asistant teachers through the workstudy program.

The program operates from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm for the full year. Families may choose to pick up their children at 12:45, 2:45 or 4:45, therefore the number of children in attendance decreases during the day. Extended care is available for faculty to attend meetings until 6:00 pm several times each month.

The facility is a one-story 10,000 square foot building. The front door is secured with a card reader/keypad system. All classroom exterior doors are keyed and locked whenever the children are not on the playground. Other exterior doors remain locked at all times. Preschool classrooms are to the left of the entry and infant/toddler classrooms are to the right of the entry. The facility is located at 28 Lyman Road, Northampton, MA 01063. Please click here to see a pdf file of the floor plan.

The program is managed by a director and overseen by the Smith College Associate Vice President for Human Resources. Within the program, the following persons may assume responsibilityin an emergency:

1. Director
2. Program Coordinator
3. Administrative Assistant
4. Supervising Teacher
5. Assistant Teacher

Contact information for the program is as follows:

Contact Contact Information
Main telephone number 413-585-3290
Cell phone 413-335-3389
Emergency outside Line 413-586-5216
Director's e-mail
General e-mail (administrative assistant)
Fax 413-585-3292



Accounting for children and adults on site
All children are signed in and out when they are dropped off and picked up. Clipboards with sign-in/out rosters are located either at the entrance to the classroom or near the door to the playground when the children are outside. Teachers take this list with them whenever they take the entire group out of the classroom. In the case of evacuation, attendance is taken as soon as children assemble at the on site locations – those exiting from the infant and toddler wing gather at the edge of the parking lot near the entrance walkway and those exiting from the preschool wing gather in the field between Lyman Road and the preschool playground – before continuing to the evacuation host facility, which is the atrium at the Smith College Museum of Art. Emergency contact cards with health insurance and primary doctor information for each child in the class are on every clipboard.

All staff, student workers, and visitors sign in and out of the building in the office area. These clipboards are carried out of the building in all evacuations. Staff emergency contact information is on the clipboard.

Accounting for children and adults off site
Teachers bring the attendance clipboards on all walks or field trips when children will be out of sight of the building. They also complete a log on a clipboard in the office, noting the number of children, time, route, and destination. This clipboard is carried out when the building is evacuated.

First Aid and Medication
First aid kits are located in all classrooms in a cabinet marked "First Aid," in the playground sheds, and in the office on the shelf above the copy machine.

Travel first aid kits are provided for each classroom and contain both first aid supplies, medications and medical forms. Teachers carry the travel first aid kit  with them whenever they travel off the CECE grounds.

Epi-pens, inhalers and other medications are stored in the First Aid cabinet in the classroom of the children for whom the medications are prescribed. Medical forms directing their use are stored with the medication. The inside of each First Aid cabinet has a picture of every child in the school who uses an Epi-pen with information about his/her specific allergies. A notebook with medication and chronic medical conditions of all children in the school is on the administrative assistant's desk.

All staff receive annual training in CPR, EPi-Pen and medication administration. Pediatric first aid and certification of every staff member is renewed every three years.

Fire Suppression and Alarms
Please click here for locations of fire extinguishers and alarms.

Fire extinguishers are located in:

  • Every classroom (except the studio) near the door to the playground
  • The large storage area off the large common near the exterior door.
  • The large common near the back double doors.
  • The kitchen
  • The laundry room

Alarm boxes are located in:

  • The front entryway
  • The rear exit in the infant/toddler wing
  • The large common
  • Every classroom (except the studio)

Smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and fire alarms are inspected on a regular basis by Smith College.

Floor Plan
Please click here to see a floor plan of the CECE facility.


Emergency Notification

Emergency telephone numbers are posted near all telephones in the building and in the first aid kits.

All families and staff at CECE are included in a mass notification system, RAVE. The mass notification system is used to notify families of emergency situations, including early closings due to inclement weather. The system is not used to notify families and staff of delays and closings due to inclement weather announced prior to 8:00 am.

On Smith College property
Staff notify Smith College Public Safety for all emergencies on Smith College property, including personal safety, natural emergencies, and technological emergencies.

When in the CECE facility, staff call extension 800, Smith College Public Safety, for all emergencies.

When on college property, away from the building, staff call Smith College Public Safety at 413-585-2490 for all emergencies. This number is programmed into the program cell phone and the personal cell phones of all staff.

Away from Smith College property
When off Smith College property, staff call 911 for all emergencies.

Contacting Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care (EEC)
The EEC is contacted at 413-788-8401 in the following emergencies:

  • Severe injury or death
  • Evacuation to an alternate location
  • Fire Department response, except in the case of false alarm
  • Medication error
  • Law enforcement activity

Other Important Contact Numbers:

Contact Contact Information
Poison Control 1-800-562-8236
Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care 413-788-8401
Department of Children and Families 1-800-792-5200
Northampton Area Pediatrics 413-584-8700
Smith College Facilities Management 413-585-2400
Smith College Human Resources 413-585-2260
Smith College Museum of Art (host evacuation facility) 413-585-2760
Smith College College Relations 413-585-2170




Table of Contents

Natural Hazards

Technological Hazards

Personal Safety

Protective Actions

Recovery and Restoration of Activities



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