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Sustainable Food

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Five College Courses

Amherst College

ANTH 33-01 The Archaeology of Food

ANTH39 The Anthropology of Food

ENST52 Seminar of Sustainable Agriculture

HIST 25-01 The Wild & the Cultivated

PSYC17 Psychology of Food and Eating Disorders

Hampshire College

NS 0114-1 Chemicals in Your Food

NS 239 Agriculture, Food, and Health

NS134 Nutritional Anthropology

NS139 Plant and Human Health

NS157 Food, Nutrition, and Health

NS217 Agriculture and Human Health

SS151 World Food Crisis

SS154 Food, Health, and Law

Mount Holyoke College

ANTHR 216 Special Topics in Anthropology: Food and Bathing Culture in Japan

ANTHR 316 Seminar Gender, Food and Agriculture in the Global Context

ASIAN 136j Food in Chinese Culture

ENVST 321 Sustainable Agriculture and Agroecosystems

ENVST 301f Colloquium Food and Famine in African History

ENVST 301s Colloquium Food and Famine in African History

GEOG 312s Seminars Perspectives on Global Food Issues

GNDST 212s Women and Gender in Social Science Anthropology of Food and Agriculture

GNDST 333s Seminar Gender, Food and Agriculture in the Global Context

HST 01 Food and Famine in African History

HIST 296 02 Topic:African Wom. Food/Power

LATAM 389 Agrarian America: Sugar, Cotton, Coffee, Wheat

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

ANIMLSCI 360 Farm Animal Care and Welfare

Anth 297 Anthropology of Food

FD SCI 102 World Food Habits

FD SCI 261 Food Biotechnology and Nutrition

FD SCI 265 Survey of Food Science

FD SCI 270 Biology of Food in Human Health

FD SCI 541 Food Chemistry (FD SCI 544 Lab)

FD SCI 542 Food Chemistry

FD SCI 561 Food Processing

FD SCI 567 Food Microbiology (FD SCI 566 Lab)

FD SCI 575 Elements of Food Process Engineering

FD SCI 101 Food & Health

FD SCI 102 World Food Habits

KIN 110 Human Performance & Nutrition

NUTR 230 Basic Nutrition

NUTR 572 Community Nutrition

NUTR 577 Nutritional Problems in the U.S

NUTR 190 Nutrition, Culture, and Agriculture

PLSOILIN 300 Deciduous Orchard Science

PLSOILIN 305 Small Fruit Production

PLSOILIN 315 Greenhouse Management

PLSOILIN 325 Vegetable Crop Production

PLSOILIN 350 Soil and Crop Management

PLSOILIN 370 Tropical Agriculture

PLSOILIN 390G Global Food Systems

PLSOILIN 280 Herbs, Spices and Medicinal Plants

PLSOILIN 397C Community Food Systems

PoliSci 291 The Politics of Food

RES EC 121 World Food: Opportunities and Constraints

RES EC 241 Intro to Food Marketing Economics

RES EC 343 Food Merchandizing

RESECON 241 Food Marketing