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Updated 2/6/2015

THE Fellowships Program at Smith College may provide application support and an entreé to foundations for Smith students applying for several fellowships link-listed at right.
And there are other fellowship opportunities for which students must apply through, or with the endorsement of Smith although the college does not run a formal program for these: Sponsored by Smith.

The Fulbright is an ideal post-bacc project for those planning to go on to graduate school, or for those who do not know what they want to do after graduating from Smith.
Of course the Fulbright is much more than a filler in your life: it is a noble mission in itself, an almost unbeatable year, which will also profit you the rest of your life.

Besides, much material prepared for the Fulbright can be modified to fit other fellowships and, with a Fulbright under your belt, you are ideally positioned to apply for the most difficult fellowships (to the British Isles) if you meet their rare eligibility criteria.
Do NOT however log onto the Fulbright application online until directed by Smith's Fellowships Program.

Students should consult Associate Fellowships Adviser Ryan Lewis about applying for undergraduate fellowships abroad (for foreign language acquisition and or ESL teaching experience) to boost their chances of winning a Fulbright, and also ask him about applying for an easier post-bacc fellowship in addition to the Fulbright, as a back-up.