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Transcript Transmission

How to Extract your Transcript or Financial Aid Statement from Banner Web, Save it and Attach it to an Email Message.

Submit your transcript or financial aid statement in a Word document. There are three main steps to the submission process. Be sure to follow all the steps.

I. Accessing your Transcript

  1. You must use either Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox to access Bannereb, as all parts of Bannerweb are not fully functional with Google Chrome and Safari. For more information see: https://www.smith.edu/tara/bannerweb.html
  2. Go to the Smith Portal at http://portal.smith.edu/
  3. Enter your student ID number and password.
  4. Click on the link to My Student Info at the top left.
  5. Clcik on the last link in first column ("Transcript, View My").
  6. Select All Levels, Official -- Web.

II. Creating a Word Document

  1. Once the transcript is displayed, go to Edit > Select All on your browser window.
  2. Copy and paste the text into a Word document.
  3. If the copy you see does not look like the original you have just copied, then it is wrong. Try again.
    The formatting must be similar and it must not run on over many pages although a few pages is okay.
    It must be roughly the same tight, compact table as seen on Banner but don't shrink the font size because a little longer (a couple pages or so) is acceptable.

III. Proofing and Pasting

  1. Email your document to yourself and open the attachment in your inbox to check that the format resembles the Banner version.
    If your formatting has resulted in a transcript that spans many more pages or is much wider than the Banner version, or does not look anywhere near the same, re-do it.
    Follow the instructions precisely.
    Sometimes it takes getting help from a friend, a techie or ITS x4487.
    You may have to use a friend's computer or go to a computer lab to get help and or to use a computer there.
  2. Now PRINT your document to make sure it prints correctly to look somewhat similar to the Banner version even if it looks right on your own on-screen copy.
    If it passes all these tests, ONLY then do you know for sure that the FPA and professors will be able to print your Registration.
    ONLY AFTER YOU HAVE DONE THESE TESTS may you then paste it into your Registration form.
    Get it right the first time.
    Figuring a way to achieve this is an important early chance to prove your worth as a Fulbright candidate.
  3. Once you have confirmed that it is correctly formatted, copy and paste it into the designated place on your Registration Form.
    Under no circumstances send incorrectly formatted transcripts NOR REGISTRATIONS THAT DO NOT HAVE THE TRANSCRIPT pasted in it.
    To send only a Registration form and Resume is unacceptable, as is to send a transcript on its own.
    To register, ALL THREE documents must combined within the Registration form.