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Smith Registration for Fellowships

Registration Instructions

Attention ! To Register to apply for a FULBRIGHT through Smith College, please start at

This program is open only to Smith College students and alumnae who have already made an attempt to self-qualify their eligibility to enter the fellowship foundation competitions for which they are hereby registering to enter through Smith, and or, with mentoring guidance from Smith.

Download a copy of the Program Registration Form and complete a separate form for each fellowship for which you are applying to enter the Smith Fellowships Program. If accepted, you will be emailed a username and password that will give you access to the Program Participant section of this site reserved for those deemed eligible by foundation criteria and Smith standards to enter specific fellowship competitions.

Answer all applicable questions with as much detail as needed to convey a good sense of your situation. Make your answers long enough to impart the general idea. If you don't know or are not sure, say so, and give reasons if you can. Partial forms are acceptable to get the process going and are encouraged when struggling to formulate a proposal, as a means of obtaining guidance. Give us some of your ideas to work with so we can help you. Your answers will form the basis for answers in the fellowship applications themselves. Every question has a useful reason behind it, as will be discovered as the process unfolds.

Complete the form as a Word document and email it together with your resume and transcript all attached to the same email to dandrew@smith.edu. Send separate emails with all three registration documents attached to each email for every fellowship for which you are applying. Only if your computer cannot handle this task, copy the form into an email message and complete it.

Enter your information in plain light text (not bold) upper & lower case (not all caps). Leave the questions in bold. Do not use semi-colons. You will also be judged according to your ability to follow these simple "detail" instructions to the letter, just as you will be when it comes to completing a fellowship application. This is the beginning of a serious bid for a high award and while the big picture is supreme, it needs to be supported by evidence of care and high personal standards of self-representation.

Keep a copy of this form for your records. When completing the fellowship application itself, always keep a copy on disc or CD or in remote storage. Do not save on your desktop alone.

Each Smith Fellowships Program Registration form (one for each fellowship for which you are applying) must returned with:

  1. An up-to-date "fellowships" resume. Click on Resume Guide for directions on compiling the kind of comprehensive resume required for fellowships.
  2. Banner versions of your latest Smith transcript and, for the Beinecke ONLY, specific financial-aid statements. Click on Transcript Transmission for instructions on how to extract and send transcripts and, if required, the financial-aid information. If you do not have access to Banner, order a transcript from the Registrar, scan it into a Word doc, or reproduce it by alternate means into a file that can be attached to an email, and send it to Donald Andrew with your other Registration documents.
    Since 1995, all transcripts have been recorded on Banner, which is now accessible only with a 99# + PIN. These new ID #'s were introduced around 2003. If you graduated before 2003 you will not have access to Banner and will have to obtain a paper copy of your transcript from the Registrar.
    If you are unable to submit your transcript to me electronically, let me know why and we will see what we can do.

Send separate emails with all three registration documents attached to each email for every fellowship for which you are applying. DO NOT SEND DOCUMENTS ON SEPARATE EMAILS. To register, all three documents must be on one email.