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Successes & News

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New Season Launch Every Year

Announcing an open invitation to all Smith students and local alumnae who are U.S. citizens with a Smith GPA of ~3.4 or more and also First-Years with a high-school GPA of 3.6 or more:

Mark your calendar for a potentially life-changing experience.
Attend the important Fulbright Forum Grand Fellowships New Season Launch held annually usually on the Tuesday evening in November nine days before Thanksgiving from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. in Weinstein Auditorium, Wright Hall lower level -- and sometimes also in Spring Semester.

This meeting is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor and position yourself to maximize your chances of winning a highly prestigious and lucrative fellowship.
The event is publicized in eDigest, the official Smith campus announcement medium, where you will find the exact date, place and time any year.

You will receive plenty vital information, from a variety of speakers, to get you started, plus the opportunity to speak one-on-one with Smith's Fellowships Adviser and Fulbright Program Advisor as well as with the current year's seniors who are official Smith College Fulbright Candidates.


Be sure to visit this key link in order to see if you are qualified for entry into the Smith Fellowships Program:

If you are even just thinking about the Fabulous Fulbright, go immediately to
to grasp the basics, whatever your year.
Tip: You really ought to think ahead and start planning right now.

Students currently abroad should especially pay attention to this advice.
Being abroad is a great advantage in terms of being able to make the host-country contacts so vital for Fulbright and other fellowship applications.

Being on campus has the advantage of proximity to professors willing to guide you.
Prepare for the meeting -- even virtually -- by perusing
and responding to the questions if you can before the meeting!

Smith is a leading institution for producing Fulbright Fellows, so we have the expertise to guide you.
Smith also has one of the highest applicant success rates among the top Fulbright producers, so you have the opportunity of a lifetime right here on your own doorstep.

NOW is the time to inform yourself so you know where you stand.
It is never too late to start -- unless the final Smith College deadline has passed.

Know where you stand by clicking
Find out NOW what you need to do to get in the running!

The sooner you begin, the better your chances.
You cannot begin too early in your college career to prepare yourself for the great honor of winning a Fabulous Fulbright.

Oh dear, I lost out, I left it too long: There goes an opportunity of a lifetime down the tubes.
Transform dilly-dallying into Fabulous Fulbright movin' an' shakin'.

Think Big. Think Ahead. Think Fulbright.

Act Smart. Be There. Take Off. Live Large.