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Choosing the Right Fellowship Match

START with YOUR VISION. You know what you want to give to life or what you are interested in or where you're headed. Find the fellowship that will help you fulfill your vision that is directly tied to a centerpiece of all applications: the study or research project proposal. Start planning and developing a concrete life course to take in order to realize your ambitions.

Most applications require persuasive arguments why you have to do what you want to do at a specific place. Why you can't really do it elsewhere. This means beginning with researching the courses or other offerings at the institutions or organizations you wish to join. It is necessary to make contact with academics at these institutions and in some cases such as the Daad and Gates an invitation from them is required. Some more project-oriented programs such as the Fulbright require a methodological plan of your research project in addition to a sponsor in the host country.

For most fellowships you need to be a U.S. citizen (see International Students). For the Gates and Mellon you can apply direct, independently of Smith, although without help your chances are lessened and the foundations prefer applicants to work with their colleges. Most fellowships require an endorsement, nomination or evaluation from Smith.

See Fellowships Offered Through Smith for brief and detailed information on the fellowships offered through Smith, plus a few others.