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Introduction to the Program

International Students & Permanent Residents

Most fellowships offered through or supported by Smith are sponsored by American foundations and are for U.S. citizens only, with THREE exceptions: Gates, Rhodes, Udall.

As consideration for a GATES depends on a successful application to Cambridge, and the Gates is a fellowship administered by Cambridge, and an application to Cambridge can be made from anywhere in the world by a citizen of any country, likewise a Gates application can be submitted together with the Cambridge application from any country by a citizen of any country except Britain as British-only citizens are not eligible to apply for the Gates. A Briton who holds dual citizenship may apply as a citizen of her non-British country.

Non-citizen Permanent Residents of the United States are entitled to apply for the UDALL.

Apply for the RHODES through your home country if it is one of the 20-plus jurisdictions where the Rhodes is offered (Germany and mainly in the British Commonwealth) and that country accepts applications from students studying in the U.S. To check, go to www.rhodesscholar.org and click "Non-U.S. Citizens" on the home page. Earlier deadlines apply overseas and the representatives in your countries need to supply you with their own application forms and rules. Some jurisdictions cover multiple countries. For instance, South Africa includes Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia and Swaziland. Citizens of only Britain are not eligible in any country. A Briton who holds dual citizenship is eligible in the non-British country provided that country offers the Rhodes.

For other fellowship opportunities check out the links for international students here: https://www.smith.edu/fellowships/alternate_independent.php