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Junior Year Away Alert

Updated 2/6/15

SINCE many students will spend junior year off campus, junior year being when application to some fellowships is completed, and application to several others (including the Fulbright) begins, it is crucial to


Trying to handle the application process from abroad is extremely difficult and also puts you at a distinct disadvantage without the vital support network available to you on campus. This means beginning post-bacc fellowship applications three years before you will use the fellowship. Or two years before the formal application year. The application year is usually the year before the fellowship year. But because there's often insufficient time to do the application in the year when you must submit the application, we begin the application process in the spring semester of the prior academic year. And for those spending junior year abroad this means becoming acquainted as spring sophomores with the requirements you will be called upon to meet while you are abroad.

The first key is to understand what will be expected of you. This includes securing specialists to advise you and also finding sponsors abroad. These people you may meet overseas or try to make contact with while abroad. So be aware of the opportunities your year abroad may open for you so that you can take advantage of them while abroad.

For general tips on networking, go to https://www.smith.edu/lazaruscenter/pdf/informational-interviewing.pdf.
and be sure to visit
http://www.cies.org/vs_scholars/vs_dir.htm#2005, which is part of http://www.cies.org. This website is for Fulbright Scholars from other countries who are in the U.S. They are good people from whom to request information about and assistance with contacting people in their home countries who could be your Fulbright affiliates.