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Introduction to the Program

Updated 2/6/15

FELLOWSHIPS are honor awards from foundations seeking to sponsor tomorrow's leaders.
Sometimes called scholarships, they grant funds for study, research, interning, self-designed projects, or participation in programs.

They are however more about leadership than funding although leadership is defined in its broadest sense: leaders and initiators, explorers (including researchers) and activists, in all spheres of life and noble endeavors.

Unlike merit awards and scholarship aid, they are competitions.
Detailed applications and compelling essays are submitted.

For projects, academic proposals are required, as are overseas sponsors, who are also required for research and some programs.
We guide you through all this.

Be sure first to establish, using the links on this website, whether you are suited for one or more of these prestigious and generous fellowships.
Then, before continuing, check with Smith's Fellowships Program whether the college might endorse your application because, for some fellowships, you do need institutional sponsorship and, unless Smith supports your candidacy, you cannot apply.

Don't miss a chance to enhance the future while enriching your present.
Fellowships offer fabulous benefits to the best and brightest, most talented and motivated, for international or U.S. study, research, internships or teaching English.

Not only do they pay for you to learn, they open doors to fascinating avenues and dynamic people.
Prepare for a life-altering experience that will enable you to effect change in society and propel yourself to your greatest potential and fulfillment.

Smith runs a campus program to support students to various degrees applying for qualified fellowships in different ways.
Lists are at

Support may include the Fellowships Adviser, faculty mentors, and a campus selection process whereby from the pool of candidates, Smith endorses, nominates or evaluates applicants to sponsor for the fellowship foundation competitions.
In addition, Smith supports other fellowships as listed on this website.

Fellowship foundations want to back those talented students most capable of and motivated to improve society with a track record of achievement at a high level.
The process of applying for a fellowship is an accomplishment in itself and the product of this effort will be useful for graduate school and other applications.

To be awarded a fellowship is a distinction that will stand you in good stead for the rest of your life.
Learn the art of self-presentation and of honing your focus for advancing yourself so that you can contribute to society and make a difference in the world.

Good, strong character exemplified especially through community service and extracurricular initiatives in addition to high or solid academic achievement is central to the qualities of fellows.
They are interesting and interested students involved in life, who take moral stands or sensible risks, push the envelope, expand their horizons, and embrace ever bigger challenges.

Foundations seek those who stand out, whose accomplishments are normally achieved by older students.
A leader is someone who produces results in her world.

Welcome to Fellowships at Smith!

Donald Andrew
Fellowships Adviser

Ryan Lewis
Associate Fellowships Adviser