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Benefits From Applying

"Don't become fixated only on winning. Focus on producing an application that, once submitted, leaves you feeling you kept improving it to a point where for you it was about as perfect as you could make it. In other words, you did your best. True winners gain no matter the outcome."

The Fellowships Warranty

In accomplishing the arduous application process, all emerge winners in one way or another. All who complete the final product gain valuable new skills to navigate the wider world, as well as new subtleties to negotiate life.

It is a rite of passage into a more responsible and mature world where your efforts are truly respected by those in the know. All applicants are honored. Every completed application is a proud achievement.

Disregard fellowship opportunities only if ineligibility has been established. Assume eligibility until proven otherwise but equally don't overstretch qualifications because fellowships are highly competitive. Don't underrate yourself nor over-inflate. Self-reflection and honest self-assessment, as well as positive self-presentation, are part of what is learned through the application process.

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