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Health For America Fellowship

Although it takes place in the world of healthcare, Health For America Fellowship is seeking applicants from a broad range of backgrounds, including (but not limited to) entrepreneurship, engineering, design, health, and the humanities.

  • Yearlong, full-time program
  • $50,000 stipend
  • Travel opportunities

Projects: High-quality BME-relevant proposals will be funded, which can include: coursework, research and internships.
Eligibility: The Fellowship is restricted to United States citizens.

For more information on the program — including detailed eligibility requirements and the online application - visit the website at: http://healthforamerica.org/

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Research


The Howard Hughes Medical Institute's undergraduate and international programs have collaborated over the past several years to facilitate the placement of undergraduates from HHMI grantee institutions in the laboratories of HHMI International Research Scholars. They offer these placements to provide enriching experiences for students with leading scientists in other countries, and in laboratories where English is spoken.

Alternate Description

From the National Association of Fellowships Advisors

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute will award at least 80 five-year fellowships for full-time study toward a Ph.D. or an Sc.D. degree in the biological sciences. The fellowships are intended for students who have completed less than one year of graduate study toward an M.S., a Ph.D., or an Sc.D. degree in the biological sciences. Students who hold or are pursuing medical or dental degrees (M.D., D.O., D.V.M., D.D.S.) may also be eligible to apply for fellowship support for study toward a Ph.D. or an Sc.D.

How to Apply

Students interested in summer placement opportunities should choose up to five scientists from among the entire list of 127 Scholars on their website and contact the Clark Science Center or Administrative Director Margaret Lamb (mlamb@smith.edu) to begin the application process.

For HHMI application strategies from past winners, look at the Live to Learn Fellowships Resource link here.

Medical Missionaries Fellowship

Each year, two Fellows are placed at St. Joseph's Clinic, located in Haiti's Central Plateau. The Fellows act as liaisons between St. Joseph's Clinic and Medical Missionaries, the Virginia-based organization that founded and supports the Clinic. Their responsibilities include serving as Medical Missionaries' eyes and ears on the ground, helping coordinate the Clinic's operations, and managing several health outreach programs involving community health workers, traditional birth assistants, mobile clinics, water purification, malnutrition, salt iodization, and education. Fellows work with doctors, nurses, midwives, pharmacists, and lab technicians at the Clinic, as well as community leaders. They also have the opportunity to develop new initiatives to address needs in Thomassique or the outlying villages. The Fellowship is unpaid, but Fellowship-associated transportation and flight costs, housing and food expenses while in Haiti, and emergency evacuation insurance are covered by Medical Missionaries.

See here: http://medmissionaries.org/id17.html

Medical School

Find financial aid to help defray the cost of medical school.

Specific Fellowships Other places to search
  • Local community foundations.
  • The armed services have programs that will pay for medical school (and pay a generous stipend while one is in school) in return for a specified length of service.
  • Ethnic American organizations, such as
    (Chinese American Medical Society scholarships).
  • Join the American Medical Student Association. There are opportunities posted by this group not found in many other places. Pre-med students can join.
NIH Research Scholars


The National Institutes of Health--University of Cambridge Health Science Research Scholars and the National Institutes of Health--University of Oxford Scholars doctoral programs permit American students to pursue collaborative biomedical research projects b etween a laboratory at NIH and either Oxford or Cambridge University, leading to a Ph.D. from that university.

The Oxford/Cambridge program allows students to complete a Ph.D. in any area of biomedical research in three or four years. Roughly half of their thesis work is done on the NIH campus in Bethesda, Maryland, and the other half is done at Oxford or Cambridge, where they are members of colleges and participate fully in university life.

The Oxford/Cambridge program has attracted outstanding students (the average GPA for the 2006 entering class was 3.9) and the program accepts the top 9% of the applicant pool. About one-third of the program's students come from medical schools.

Students in the program are fully funded for their tuition, college fees, health insurance, and stipend. They also receive a laptop computer and a generous travel allowance. Financial support has just been approved for students desiring to complete combined M.D./Ph.D. degrees through the program.

The application deadline is in January. Oxford and Cambridge are formally separate programs but admissions are combined, so students choose after acceptance.

• Whitaker International Undergraduate Program

The Whitaker Undergraduate Program is grant funding for projects, internships and coursework in biomedical engineering (or bioengineering) overseas.

  • Round-trip international airfare
  • A monthly living stipend commensurate with the recipient's exp
  • Health & Accident insurance
  • Travel Enhancement Fund
  • Enrichment Seminar in Europe
  • Tuition (and bench fees) reimbursement, capped at US$35,000 (regardless of country of exchange or exchange rate). Individual reimbursement amounts are determined by the Whitaker Program at the time of grant award (see details).

Projects: High-quality BME-relevant proposals will be funded, which can include: coursework, research and internships.
Eligibility: US citizens and residents in their sophomore, junior or senior year with a BME or a closely related major.
Program must be approved by home institution.

For more information on the program — including detailed eligibility requirements and the online application - visit our website at: http://www.whitaker.org/

The online application is now open with a January 21, 2014 deadline. The website listed above has all the information pertaining to the program, including eligibility requirements, examples of potential host institutions, and former grantee profiles.

The online application for the Whitaker International Undergraduate Program, Spring 2014 cycle is now available at http://undergradapplication.whitaker.org/ with a October 15, 2013 deadline.