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Updated 1/8/14

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Brower Youth Awards

What: An annual national award that recognizes six young people for their outstanding activism and achievements in the fields of environmental and social justice advocacy. The winners of the award receive $3000 in cash, a trip to California for the award ceremony and Yosemite camping trip, and ongoing access to resources and opportunities to further their work at Earth Island Institute.

Who: Young activist leaders ages 13 to 22.

Where: United States and Puerto Rico

Why: Earth Island Institute established the Brower Youth Award to honor young people working in the bold spirit of David Brower. Earth Island is committed to nurturing new leaders who address this problem solving for a vital future.

David Ross Brower: One can define youth by how true one stays to their ideals. David Brower, perhaps more than any other figure in the history of environmental advocacy, persistently re-envisioned the definition of "environment" over some 60 years of active work. He wanted to understand the true nature of complex ecological relationships, drawing at every point on the latest science and the latest creative thinking in order to define the urgent and emerging issues needing attention. Time after time, he led in setting the agenda for public interest advocacy on a broad range of fronts. He helped establish nine national parks and pioneered new ways to protect threatened communities and wild places, using the tools of photography, publishing, film, litigation, lobbying, and advertising. Whether it was the connections between nuclear power and nuclear war, globalized trade and the importance of labor union involvement, or the environment and social justice, David Brower always reached out to youth for their perspectives and energy.

To apply contact:

Jason Salfi
Earth Island Institute
415-788-3666 x144

Website: http://www.broweryouthawards.org/

Clinton Global Initiative University
STAR Environmental

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as part of its Science to Achieve Results (STAR) program, is offering Graduate Fellowships for master's and doctoral level students in environmental fields of study.

You must be a U.S. citizen to apply. Although students need not be enrolled in or formally accepted in a full-time graduate program at the time of application, proof of enrollment or accceptance must be produced prior to the award of the fellowship. Students must be persuing a masters or doctoral degree in an environmentally related field of specialization.

For more information visit

Switzer Environmental

The Robert and Patricia Switzer Foundation sponsors fellowships for environmental graduate students in New England and California. Each fellowship award is $15,000 for graduate study and represents an extraordinary opportunity for a few select students.

The Switzer Environmental Fellowship awards are competitive. Twenty fellowships are awarded each year to students who are enrolled in graduate programs at accredited institutions in the six New England states and California. There are typically over 100 applications for the 10 fellowships available in each region.

Candidates for the fellowship should demonstrate leadership potential, be able to clearly communicate their objectives for applying their technical or professional expertise to environmental issues after graduation, and convey a sense of purpose about their work. Candidates for the Switzer Fellowship are chosen not only for their excellence in academic and scientific work, but also on their true dedication to aggressively pursuing practical solutions to environmental problems.

The Foundation broadly defines its interest in the environment and the means by which positive results can be achieved. Awards have been made to students pursuing environmental policy, economics, conservation, public health, journalism, architecture, environmental justice, business and law as well as the more traditional sciences of biology, chemistry and engineering. The Foundation is interested in both terminal Master's degree students and doctoral students.

More detailed information about the Switzer Foundation and the Environmental Fellowship Program can be found at the Switzer website at