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Alternate Scholarship Resources

This section of the Smith Fellowships website is provided as a courtesy to those seeking funding assistance for various academic and related purposes that are not covered by the Fellowships Offered Through Smith section of this website. It is in response to the innumerable requests for information about additional scholarship resources. The information contained herein is presented in an informal manner.

The content of Alternate Scholarship Resources derives mainly from information that comes our way from a variety of sources. While most of these sources are known to be reliable, the Smith Fellowships Program does not and cannot vouch for any specific content of Additional Scholarship Resources. One rule of thumb is to steer clear of any scholarship organization that requests money from you.

This is a resource for your own research purposes. Because there are a lot of links here that can take a lot of time examining, an attempt has been made to order the information as per the division headings. The CDO, Student Affairs, The Sophian online, Neilson Library and Student Financial Services also maintain databases, links and information of similar or related scholarships.

Please excuse typos and other minor errors as the content for this section has mostly been pasted in from other sources with minimal editing. Smith College does not necessarily support any comments expressed herein as they are often personal opinions only and therefore no claim as to their factuality is in any way implied.