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Here are some issues that students face from time to time, along with people and offices they may contact for assistance. Suggestions are included for how you may be helpful as well.

Daughter Should Contact: Professor, Class Dean, Academic Adviser
Try to determine the extent of the problem. Is it one class or several? Encourage your daughter to be honest about her current situation.

Academic Problems
Daughter Should Contact: Class Dean, Academic Adviser
Class deans and advisers are committed to helping students succeed. Either one will be able to guide her in the right direction.

Excessive Alcohol Use
Daughter Should Contact: Wellness Education Director, Health Services
Try to determine the extent of abuse. Encourage her to seek professional help. This problem can be a tough one for parents to handle alone.

Cars on Campus and Parking Tickets
Daughter Should Contact: Campus Police
First-year students must not bring a car to Smith expecting to be able to park legally on campus or on city streets. If your daughter does bring her car, you should have a clear understanding at the beginning of the semester about how parking tickets will be handled.

Death or Serious Illness in the Family
Family or Daughter Should Contact: Dean of Students, Class Dean, Dean of Religious Life
We can help you in many ways, including locating your daughter in class if need be, helping to make arrangements for travel home, etc.

Financial Aid and Billing Issues
Daughter Should Contact: Student Financial Services

Daughter Should Contact: Associate Dean of Students, Residence Life Staff, Counseling Service
Everybody gets homesick. At the beginning of the semester, determine when visits home will be scheduled and when you might be able to visit campus (Family Weekend is a good time). Encourage your daughter to get involved. Keep in mind that the busier she is, the less time she has to feel homesick.

Illness of Student
Daughter Should Contact: Health Services, Class Dean
Encourage your daughter to go to Health Services for treatment.

Leave of Absence
Daughter Should Contact: Class Dean, Academic Adviser
If your daughter is thinking of taking a leave of absence or might require a medical leave of absence, her class dean will guide her on how best to complete this process.

Deciding on a Major
Daughter Should Contact: Class Dean, Academic Adviser, Faculty
Students are required to declare a major in the second semester of their sophomore year, but the first year of college is not too early to begin exploring interests, skills and values.

Registration Issues
Daughter Should Contact: Registrar, Class Dean

Roommate Conflicts
Daughter Should Contact: Area Coordinator, Head Resident
Encourage your daughter to take time to work through conflicts. Discuss the educational value of learning to get along with people who are different from her.

Daughter Should Contact: Campus Police, Residence Life Staff
Smith College is a safe place, but students need to be reminded that they are not invincible. Tips on personal safety and security of property will be provided by the Residential Life Staff.