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Common Smith Acronyms

AASC: Alumnae Association of Smith College

AC: Area Coordinator

CCC: Center for Community Collaboration

CDO: Career Development Office (The Lazarus Center)

CSO: Community Service Office

CWL/WCWL: Wurtele Center for Work and Life

GES: Global Engagement Seminar

GSC: Global Studies Center

HB: Honor Board

HCA: House Community Adviser

HONS: Head of New Students

HP: House President

HR: Head Resident

ITS: Information Technology Services

ITT: Indoor Track and Tennis Facility

JB: Judicial Board

JMG: John M. Greene Hall

JYA: Junior Year Abroad

LOA: Leave of Absence

NEWMAC: New England Women's and Men's Athletic Conference

PVTA: Pioneer Valley Transit Authority (bus line)

SAA: Student Academic Adviser

SGA: Student Government Association

SSW: Smith College School for Social Work

WFI: Women and Financial Independence

TBA: To be Assigned/Announced