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We are very pleased that your daughter has made the decision to attend Smith College. We believe that Smith offers a wonderful opportunity for learning and engagement. We hope this handbook can help you find answers to your questions as you embark on the journey of being the parent of a college student.

This handbook highlights a few of the many resources available to your daughter and you. Much of the information comes from the Smith College Student Handbook, which all students learn about when they arrive on campus. We expect every student to be familiar with the policies contained in it.

In the event your daughter needs some guidance to resources, please know that there are a number of people on campus who can assist her in problem solving, decision making and her general progression through her college years.  A good place to start is with the Family Referral Guide.

We wish your daughter much success.

Susan Etheredge, Dean of the College and Vice President for Campus Life

Julianne D. Ohotnicky, Dean of Students

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