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Reservation Questions/updates

If you have any questions regarding reserving our fleet vehicles or if you need to update/cancel a current reservation, please email us at facmgmnt@smith.edu and we will be happy to assist you.

Vehicle use & safety Handbook

To view the new Smith College Vehicle Use & Safety Handbook, please click here.

New fleet reservation software

To submit a vehicle request using our new fleet reservation software, FleetCommander, please use this link: smith.agilefleet.com.

For all vehicle reservations, a vehicle request form must be completed. All Drivers of College owned, leased or rented vehicles must be credentialed. To start the credentialing process, please click here.

The following rules and regulations are strictly enforced:


Hybrid Car

Three passengers plus the driver

Seven-Passenger Van

Six passengers plus the driver

Twelve-Passenger Van

Eleven passengers plus the driver

Pickup Truck (4x4)

Four passengers plus the driver

Responsibilities and Charges

Charges will include driver charge (if applicable), van mileage, fast passes, tolls and parking. If a rental is used the charges include the rental charge plus the cost of gas to fill the tank upon return. These charges are the responsibility of the requesting department.

Full gas tank Each department is responsible for seeing that vehicles are returned with the gas tank at least 3/4 full. A fine of $25 will be charged for any van returned with less than 3/4 of a tank of gas.

Cleanliness of the van is the responsibility of the department using the van. A fine of $25 will be charged for any van returned not clean.

In Case of Accident

Should an accident occur while you are using a college vehicle, please follow the instructions in the insurance packet found in the glove compartment and notify Campus Police at (413) 585-2490.

Departments will be responsible for the payment of the current insurance deductible in the case of an at-fault accident.