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Residential Houses

General cleaning information

Students are responsible for cleaning their student rooms. Bathrooms and commons spaces are cleaned by housekeeping.


Students can rent refrigerators at www.nestudentservices.com. Students may bring their own refrigerator, Smith Colleges requires that you purchase an Energy Star certified refrigerator.

Parties and events

Prior to having any party or special event in your house, you must fill out the Party Pooper Form with the housekeeper.

The housekeeper and the house social chair will inspect the area where party will be held. The housekeeper will note any existing conditions. After the party, the housekeeper will reinspect the area against the list and note any damage possibly as a result of the party and review the list with their supervisor. The supervisor will determine whether any cleaning and repair charges will be issued. Students should refer all questions to the supervisor.

Trash barrels are available for parties within the houses. Contact the custodian or housekeeper in your house.

If you are planning a special event or party in your house that requires additional tables, chairs, or trash barrels, contact the Events Management Office.

Bed Removal Information

For forms and procedures to remove a student bed or furniture from a student room, click here.

Pest Control

The Smith College community, including students, employees and visitors, should contact Facilities Management at https://www.smith.edu/facilities/about_contact.php with any pest concerns including, but not limited to rodents or insects. Facilities Management, in consultation with Residence Life and other offices as necessary, will conduct an immediate inspection of affected and adjacent spaces to determine a proper course of action. Smith College contracts with a local, licensed pest management company that maintains a weekly service and inspection and schedules emergency response visits when requested.

Facilities Management staff, along with a professional contractor, will ensure that all pest control problems are addressed in a timely and thorough manner. Individuals should not attempt to treat for pests on their own using commercially available pesticides that may interfere with the health and safety of the Smith community or the effectiveness of the college's pest management policy.

Cleaning Products

In the cleaning of your living spaces we use the most effective cleaning products that we can find, that are safe for you and the staff using them. As we deplete our present inventory, new products are reviewed and "green chemicals" are tested and used. Training and education of our staff is an ongoing process as cleaning products change and are introduced into the operation. We are testing new chemicals for their effectiveness and are using "green" window washing, floor cleaners, general purpose cleaners, and a few disinfectants in several areas of our operation. For more detailed information, visit the Green Smith Web site.

Broken window shades

To report a broken window shade in a student room, submit a work request at smith.teamworkslive.com.

Broken furniture

To report broken furniture in a student room or common space, submit a work request at smith.teamworkslive.com.


Bicycles cannot be stored on the first floor. They can be stored in the basement or on bicycle racks outside. Do not attach bicycles to any stairwell or handicap ramps or block any egresses. The college will remove bikes not properly stored. If removed, you will have to contact Public Safety to get it back.


Chalking is a form of expression that uses the sidewalks and paved areas only. It is not allowed on the walls of the buildings.

Computer, Telephone & Cable Issues

For all computer, telephone and cable issues in student rooms, contact ITS at extension 4487 or go to www.smith.edu/its.

Fire Safety

Fire regulations prohibit items from being kept in the corridor, including shoes, etc. Personal or house fines will be issued if hallway clutter persists.


Kitchenettes are provided for your use and for social events. The only appliances allowed are provided by the college.

Clean up after yourself and be sure to wash your dishes and take them back to your room. The housekeeping staff empty kitchenette trash receptacles, but they do not clean the kitchenettes. Environmental Health and Safety routinely inspect the kitchenettes. If they are found to be unclean or unsanitary, the residents are notified to clean the kitchenette. If it is not cleaned in the designated time allowed, Environmental Health and Safety will close it and cleaning charges will be billed to the house.

Trash and Recycling

Students are responsible for purchasing a trash receptacle for their room. Each student room has been provided with a blue recycling bin.

Students are responsible for bringing trash and recyclables from their room to the central receptacles in your building (located either on each floor or downstairs on the main floor).

Building services staff picks up trash and recycling from these central areas.

For more information about the trash and recycling program in the residence halls, go to the Green Smith Web site.

Do not place trash outside of your door in the hallway or any other non-designated places. Needles, syringes and other potentially infectious sharp objects should not be placed in the trash receptacles. Sharp containers are available from health services.