Your Smith Advantage

Smith’s leadership programs focus on one thing: creating the optimal learning environment for accelerating women's leadership development.

Why do some companies – like Johnson & Johnson, IBM, John Deere and other leading Fortune 500 organizations – excel at developing exceptional women leaders while other companies struggle? 

The answer is simple: Organizations that are on the cutting edge of talent development recognize the competitive advantage of achieving a skilled, high-performance work force that is reflective of the diverse global marketplace.

These companies value employees with different backgrounds, perspectives, and ideas and provide them with a wide range of experiences and opportunities to develop their full potential. As part of their ongoing initiatives, they have robust women's leadership initiatives and strategically support women's talent development through internal as well as external programs.

Companies that are creating the future of inclusive leadership believe that programs that are specifically designed to develop, retain, and advance female talent, alongside other programs, will accelerate progress towards that goal. And they look to Smith as a strategic partner. We work hand-in-hand with diversity and inclusion officers, talent development executives, and human resource directors to develop high-impact leadership programs for high-potential women at all levels of their organizations.  

In a recent Smith survey, 200 women who were either a past leadership program participant or an executive training decision-maker were asked, “What would you tell your CEO is the one thing that distinguishes Smith College Executive Education from other top providers?”

Here’s what they said:

  • “Smith focuses on the unique strengths, challenges, and perspectives faced by women in business”
  • “The program is designed by women for women.”
  • “You are surrounded by top female talent who can really challenge your thinking to a higher level.”
  • “Smith is focused on not just leadership – but women's leadership.”

That’s right: given the freedom to say anything to their CEOs about what advantage Smith leadership programs offer compared to other top providers (including the Harvard and Wharton of the industry), the number one response was Smith’s 100% focus on women.

Four Additional Advantages
Those same executives and managers surveyed also singled out four unique advantages Smith’s women-focused programs offer high-potential women and their companies:

Advantage 1

Smith has years and years of experience and expertise dealing with the unique issues women face navigating the corporate labyrinth. (Benefit: experienced insights and deep “ah-ha” moments about women’s leadership you won’t find anywhere else).

Advantage 2

Smith offers an all-women peer learning environment (Benefit: an all-women learning environment encourages increased risk-taking, which research proves results in accelerated learning)

Advantage 3

Smith’s nimble curriculum is based on real-life leadership needs identified in collaboration with our corporate partners. (Benefit: a program and curriculum that is intensely reality-based and responsive to changing business imperatives).

Advantage 4

Smith is more than a business school; it’s a women’s leadership center. (Benefit: Smith is free to choose a trusted team of faculty from leading business schools and consultancies around the world who are not just thought leaders in their field, but experienced experts in women’s leadership.)

So, no matter what leadership stage you or your organization are at – whether you are just beginning your leadership quest or you have already reached a position of success with creating a gender-balanced and diverse workforce – Smith’s deep understanding of the forces shaping the future of women’s leadership will provide the unique tools, strategies, and insights that will help you achieve your goals!

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