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Sarah McAndrew

IT Architect, IBM
Attended: From Specialist to Strategist

“This program is not about just listening to presentations. It’s about learning and practicing techniques to help you succeed as a leader. In addition, the relationships that are formed through natural networking are stronger than from other leadership programs I have attended. You discover that others are in the same place as you and have the same issues and challenges! Smith provides you with a very unique way to grow by having you mentor your own peers in challenges, so that you cannot just come up with an answer for today, but must come up with a process/method and relationship base you can leverage throughout the rest of your career. To me, the personality of Smith College Executive Education is best described as collaborative, forward thinking, innovative and different. My experience at the program had an immediate impact on my work in that I learned not to be afraid to ask for something I want, even if it seems beyond my current job role. This has opened doors for me I thought were years away. This is a key experience that any woman leader should attend. It helps the individual understand that they are not alone, how to work in a male-heavy engineering environment and how we as women can leverage our unique skills, insights and philosophies to not only help the company, but help ourselves to excel. The program exceeded my expectations.”