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Rhonda Johnson

VP Sales, Johnson & Johnson
Attended: Smith-Tuck Global Leaders Program

“In my company it is a well-recognized honor to attend the Smith program: it confirms the company’s commitment to your development and continued growth within the organization. Smith’s program is unique from other leadership programs I have attended for a few reasons: It is a great mix of classroom education on the hot topics we face as executives in the industry and worldwide marketplace. And it provides opportunity for personal growth as an executive leader in organizations. The curriculum, faculty, and learning environment are absolutely terrific. It’s an opportunity to take a step back from your day-to-day and really assess how you are behaving as a leader and the impact you are having on your organization, the industry and the world. My experience at the program immediately impacted my work. I now take time out to think about my contributions to the business, to the economy, and to society as a whole. I am a better leader having gone through the program. Overall, my energy both in my work life and my life outside of work, have increased dramatically.”