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Paula Wynn

Project Controls Manager, Bechtel Corporation
Attended: From Specialist to Strategist

“I entered the session with expectations to broaden and sharpen my business acumen, but left the session with a new lens on my professional and personal world. This new lens enables me to see what has been in front of me for years, but blind to my mind. The insights gained through this experience are numerous! My leadership role demands that I lead, not micro-manage tasks, and create inclusiveness with those around me. To captain my ship, I must ensure clarity in our purpose and direction. Then, I must make sure the team understands how we (collectively) fit into the overall or 'noble' purpose of the project and understand the reasons we are taking a stated course of action/direction – don't assume they know. I must make time to think. It is imperative that I look downstream and identify ways to bring the future to the present. Networks matter a lot. They matter in leveraging opportunities and they matter in getting things done. Establishing a network is an investment that requires focus, discipline and follow-through. I gained helpful insight into growing and maintaining my network. The wisdom of asking questions is quintessential. There is an art form associated with framing questions and leading others to a conclusion instead of telling them. Prompting others to think so they understand and have a vested interest in the course of action, are keys to being a leader. From time to time, we have a chance to gain life-changing insights that lead to better choices. This session delivered on that for me.”