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Nicole Ann Hargrove

Consulting IT Specialist, IBM
Attended: From Specialist to Strategist

“Here’s what I loved about my Specialist to Strategist program…Each session was targeted at different aspects of being a leader. I loved the interaction that occurred within my team and collaboration with other corporations. The curriculum, faculty and learning environment were mentally and physically engaging. I loved climbing the wall and cheering on others. Switching seating allowed me to make connections with everyone in the program. What else? My experience at the program immediately impacted my work because my way of thinking transitioned from being part of a solution to leading people to collectively create the best solution. I learned that you are a leader no matter what, even if it is not your title. What would I tell my company’s senior leadership about the value of the program? Specialist to Strategist is a highly worthy program to send future executive leaders to because a technologist who is also a strategist can better inspire and collaborate with others to create innovative solutions to solve customer pains. The program did not meet my expectations – it exceeded them! Why? Because the program did not 'harp' on women being treated lesser in business, but focused on making us shift our thinking into becoming leaders who inspire and empower others to innovate.”