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Lisa Blumling

Senior Manager, Accenture
Attended: Smith College Leadership Consortium

“At Smith I felt empowered, connected and very excited! I think what makes Smith’s leadership program unique from other leadership programs I have attended is the quality of the participants, the staff and the learning environment. Smith is a very collaborative place. My experience at the program also had an immediate impact on my work and life. One [presentation] made me realize I was sacrificing my own health for my job. Outside of work, I am working harder to have a better balance because of my experience at the program. Granting people time to step away from the grind and refocus on what drives them will yield a more engaged employee in the long run. I was expecting to sit alongside high quality women – and I did. I was expecting to be guided by a strong, knowledgeable staff – and I was. The Smith experience is well worth the investment.”