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Lara Pickerel

Senior Executive, Accenture
Attended: Smith College Leadership Consortium

“I got so much out of learning about myself and being a leader! I loved the academic focus (elite professors from MBA programs) and creative learning experiences (the Orchestra Session). Smith College Executive Education is passionate, innovative, visionary and creative. My experience at the program had an immediate impact on my work by giving me the necessary refresh I needed. I was inspired and excited to be part of such a strong network of women. It also gave me the necessary refresh I needed in my life outside of work. What specific returns did I get out of it? Two big things come to my mind: the value of being submerged for two full weeks in a learning environment that touched a wide range of topics – from leadership to networking to finance to health. And I enlarged my network by meeting 14 new Accenture women from around the world and 47 women from other companies like Johnson & Johnson, MetLife and Chubb & Sons. I now have new leadership tools that will strengthen me, my teams and our practice.”