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Julie McMahon

Project Manager, Dell Computers
Attended: From Specialist to Strategist

“I had many ‘aha’ moments, but the one that sticks out for me is that the perception I had of myself was not the perception others had of me. I realized I kept telling myself I was not good enough. Smith College made me see that I am good enough, and I need to step up and take my seat at the table. The course itself had an immediate impact on my work. The first thing that changed for me was how I network. I always felt like networking was not something I could or should do in the past, but once I completed the Smith course, I now know I need to network more. I feel energized and connected now! Outside of work, I have started to become more assertive. I am now giving feedback more to friends and family. The Specialist to Strategist program is unique from other leadership programs I have participated in before because it was away from work, and allowed me to focus solely on my development and myself without any outside distraction. The fact that it is set in a beautiful college learning environment with great support from the faculty is special also. This is a very valuable program and we should be looking at sending someone every year. Smith exceeded my expectations – I have come away with a new motivation for my career. I now see my future as a career and not a day-to-day job.”