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Jennifer Wilhelm (Staudenmaier)

Principal Software Engineer, IDEXX Laboratories, Inc.
Attended: From Specialist to Strategist

“I heard about the Smith College Executive Education program from a friend who had attended it in the past. She spoke so highly of the experience that I spoke with my manager about attending. The information and ideas presented were immediately applicable. In many instances the instructors took the time to discuss our individual situations and how we can apply what they were teaching in the context of our day-to-day jobs. The other unique part of the Smith program is how it helps turn each of us into a resource for the others through the emphasis on networking and coaching, and by bringing together women with similar backgrounds in science, engineering and technology. The faculty is filled with world-class instructors who you won’t see in one place again, and the learning environment is supportive and well structured to help you get the most out of your time. I was able to immediately incorporate the new skills I’d gained in helping to motivate and inspire my team and to handle the inevitable problems that crop up. As for my life outside of work, thanks to the climbing wall experience during the program, I am no longer hesitant to pursue this hobby, which has been a passion of my husband’s for some time! Also the program has given me better tools for building and maintaining strong collaborative relationships with my friends. As some might say, we scientists are not always born leaders. This program better equips the fabulous talent we already have inside us to excel as leaders as well as scientists, allowing our companies to mature and grow at unprecedented rates.”