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Janine M. Earley

Senior Business Architect, Merck
Attended: From Specialist to Strategist

“Three words: inspired, energized and connected! Specialist to Strategist exceeded all of my expectations. It brought back and connected all of my life’s experiences. It felt one part my MBA program, one part my work, one part leadership training – and one part summer camp! By piecing together all the different pieces of my life, the program brought new reflections on things I had learned but had forgotten to apply in real life. Smith’s program is women-only, which makes it unique from ALL the other leadership programs I have attended. The campus and facilities are beautiful, and the hotel and town of Northampton are great. The faculty was so knowledgeable and collaborative, both the Smith as well as the external speakers. There are many words that describe Smith College Executive Education: collaborative, forward thinking, passionate, practical, strong, smart, compassionate, trustworthy, innovative, different, visionary, creative and dynamic…I don’t know where to stop!”