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Elizabeth Buddle

Director, Customer Logistics, Johnson & Johnson
Attended: Smith College Leadership Consortium

“Spending the time away from my job and my company gave me the opportunity to recognize that I am a strong leader. When I returned, I immediately inserted myself into discussions and situations where I normally may have taken a back seat – I found myself with the increased confidence to just ask for a seat at the table. This renewed sense of purpose has allowed me to think about moving my business forward rather than just keeping it going. I gained an appreciation for what it really takes for a group of women to be moving forward in their careers. Each company is so different, it was refreshing to learn about other women’s experiences and leverage their ideas into situations that I was managing – ultimately helping me get things done better and more efficiently. You don't grow self-esteem and self-confidence overnight, it's a process. The two weeks that I spent at Smith enhanced my own self-image and taught me some of the tools that I need to be an authentic leader in my organization.”